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That just about wraps it up

It’s been a busy year and I’ve not really blogged as much as I’d planned.  Rereading some of my posts and reflecting back on what it’s actually for – I’ve decided to wrap this up.  I think it’s been useful as a tool to help me consider and develop my role as a “Creative Programmer”, … Continue reading


My inner geek has been released. I was sent this link to The Pale Blue Dot film a while back.  It’s a 5 minute clip which features a narration from astronomer, Carl Sagan, from his book ‘The Pale Blue Dot’ wherein he reflects up the view of the earth from outerspace.  This powerful narration is accompanied … Continue reading

Headspace and workspace

Over the summer the office quietens, the schools are closed and the phone doesn’t ring (so much).  I took last week off – I was in need of some rest and restoration, and spent a week in my studio, which I’d rearranged and tidied and cleaned a few weeks previously.  I’d been desperate to spend … Continue reading

Changing Tracks

Following on from reading Ringinglow’s blog and in part, homage to the “changing tracks” section on Jo Whiley’s Radio One show – where people offer up records that have soundtracked a significant change in their life (which always seems to be either a Prodigy or Westlife record with little in between).  I’ve always wanted to … Continue reading

Wow words (not wordle)

I saw this a while back from the shifthappens conference http://kilo75.com/blog/post/shift-happens-review-notes.html and stored it away in the ideas-fridge to think about another day.  Whilst at our own conference, the Creative Agents Retreat, during a session on creative reflection – I decided to try and put this idea into practice for myself.  I initially described it … Continue reading

“To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection.” Henri Poincare

Change School review evaluation overview Downfall Ferris Bueller Buckminster Fuller Clay Shirky refreshers typography DUG walking uncertainty doubt Erich Fromm Different Drummer Daft Punk: Discovery reflection associative empathy the law of two feet wisdom of crowds timeline dunning-kruger effect unknown unknowns/unknowable unknownd gore-tex business model niche disco PAT testing passive/active speakers conversations lollypops praxis polaroids … Continue reading

The week that was: in list form.

Enquiry Shortlisting Performance Management Flyer Unit Twelve Picture Frames Jude Thomas CCE Perton Sandown Change Management Creative Agents BSF CARN MAC M6 ShakeitPhoto Font Design Pinhole camera PiCLProvocation The Story of Science Rosalind Franklin Bentilee Community Centre National Towel Day Douglas Adams Team Formation Happy Maths The Meaning of Friendship David Nobbs Sir Ken Robinson … Continue reading

“You are what you share.” Charles Leadbetter

Recommended read: We-Think by Charles Leadbetter. An interesting look at how people organise themselves – particularly on the web and through “open source” projects.  It draws some creative links to earlier  open source projects: Genome mapping of the humble earth worm, Cornish Engines in the 1800s and the Iliad – open source poetry from antiquity. … Continue reading

The Story of Science

I watched the Story of Science on the bbc last night (I’m really enjoying their surge in science output at the moment.)  Following a discussion with a colleague I’ve been given some new exciting things to think about. Atomic Spin Quantum Entanglement and Arthur C Clarke’s Three Laws phew.

Dan Meyer

I was recently sent this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlvKWEvKSi8 Dan Meyer, a maths teacher based in California with an interesting approach and attitude to his craft. His blog is worth reading too.  http://blog.mrmeyer.com One of the ideas he was discussing that particularly resonated with me was the problem that people can have with irresolution.  We’re more comfortable … Continue reading