Changing Tracks

Following on from reading Ringinglow’s blog and in part, homage to the “changing tracks” section on Jo Whiley’s Radio One show – where people offer up records that have soundtracked a significant change in their life (which always seems to be either a Prodigy or Westlife record with little in between).  I’ve always wanted to offer this little number up:

Standards by Tortoise (2001 Thrill Jockey)

Why did this change my life?  It sparked a conversation with someone who subsequently became a dear friend (and one of the best men at my wedding) and the conversation still shows no sign of ending 5 years later.  The conversation has challenged how I listen, think about and respond to music and resulted in me taking up djing as a hobby.

What’s the music like?
It’s experimental, playful and fun.  It explores the territories between “post-rock”, ambient, jazz and techno.  It switches between bombastic showiness to tight and nimble rhythms, often in the same track.  It’s well crafted, patient and ego-free.  It’s got bass, handclaps, noodles, wibbles, squelches and possibly even a vibraphone.


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