That just about wraps it up

It’s been a busy year and I’ve not really blogged as much as I’d planned.  Rereading some of my posts and reflecting back on what it’s actually for – I’ve decided to wrap this up.  I think it’s been useful as a tool to help me consider and develop my role as a “Creative Programmer”, it’s helped me mesh together my work on the CP programme with PiCL and my outside interests and visual arts practice.  I don’t think I consciously decided that this is what the blog would be about but that’s what it’s helped to do.  Looking back I think some of the writing is somewhat simplistic and naive and I’m not particularly proud of it as a piece of work.  I’m not a writer.  I work and think visually, so it makes more sense to create a visual blog.

I think I get what I’m doing at PiCL now – it’s a work in progress, in fact you could say I’m making it up as I go along.  I am and I’m fairly certain everyone else is – with a mixture of intuition and past experience plus the willingness to go out on a limb and stand there looking foolish.  A bit like this…

Why is there a microscope on my desk?  I’ve no idea.  Looks cool though.
So a new look, a new project and a new year.

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