“You are what you share.” Charles Leadbetter

Recommended read: We-Think by Charles Leadbetter.

An interesting look at how people organise themselves – particularly on the web and through “open source” projects.  It draws some creative links to earlier  open source projects: Genome mapping of the humble earth worm, Cornish Engines in the 1800s and the Iliad – open source poetry from antiquity.  (Hundreds of authors over several centuries taking license and adding their own polish).

One of the most important points that the book raises is the increasing complexity of problems and tasks and the need for people to pool their skills and resources in order to solve them.   A vital way of viewing things and working in the coming years?


I have decided to try and collect interesting phrases and concepts, although English is an incredibly diverse, rich and flexible language sometimes there are some striking gaps….

If you have more suggestions, please add them in the comments below.

Wabi Sabi

Japanese – imperfect beauty.  asymmetry

mono no aware

Japanese – the pathos of things


Greek – common belief or opinion


Commonly translated as happiness but might be better thought of as human flourising.


One Response to ““You are what you share.” Charles Leadbetter”
  1. Scott says:

    Schadenfreude – Taking pleasure from others’ misfortune (German). I love the way the word sounds.

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