Enquiry School Sharing 23 April

I led a sharing workshop for 31 schools who’ve been working with this year on our Enquiry School Programme.  I’d developed an experience that would be interactive and visual.  The coordinator from each school had been sent a brown bag labelled “please fill me”, they were encouraged to bring visual artefacts that they would be able to use as visual prompts to share learning.  The task I gave them was to create an exhibition piece to hang in the PiCL gallery.  We all eventually created a multimedia installation that looked back at their activities, exploring the impact and rationale.   They were then given space and time to reflect on each others activities (and also encouraged to ‘steal’ ideas from everyone else).

Picnic lunch was provided by Secret Kitchen.

Whilst they were out tucking into sandwiches and crisps in Brampton Park, I quickly unrolled a 6m2 map that I had created earlier (a Blue Peter ethos runs strongly here).  It was a metaphorical map based on their ‘journey’ from planning to evaluation, I played a 3 minute clip from the BBC’s “The Beauty of Maps” focusing on a map created by Stephen Walter – after that they collaborated on filling up this map, with everything they’ve seen and experienced – adding advice and directions for future travellers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day – we at PiCL got so much from the experience and gathering in feedback it seems like the teachers got a lot out of it as well.  We’re always asking schools to take risks, so I think it’s only fair that we take risks as well – the big risk here is that I’ve never led a workshop with teachers before.  It could’ve gone wrong but I managed to hold it together.  In reflection something I would do differently next time is to prepare some kind of small prompt card.  I’d spent a fair amount of time on preparation and deciding how to lead it – but presented with an audience my mind went temporarily blank – thankfully I don’t think there was too much erroneous flannel…

I found running the workshop to be a genuinely satisifying experience, both exhilarating and rewarding.  My respect for teachers and what they do continues to grow exponentially.

3 Responses to “Enquiry School Sharing 23 April”
  1. Nic Murray says:

    well done Mr Perry. Glad it went so well – looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Lee Hope says:

    Thank you for the day, it was really enjoyable and I found the strategies a great way to reflect on the project. We are applying again that is how good the whole process was.

    • iainperry says:

      Hi Lee
      I’m really pleased to hear that – on both counts. That what we did was useful and that you want another go. I’m looking forward to reading the applications.

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