One cannot befriend a man without obsessions, for he lacks deep emotion. – Zhang Dai

A fairly short post this week and one that is mainly visual.  Ahead of tomorrow’s Enquiry School Sharing day that I’m leading with the coordinators, where I will be asking them to create an exhibition based around their projects this year, I thought I’d share a couple of items of my own.

Firstly, my beloved decks and record (well, CD) collection.  I spend a fair amount of time in this part of the house,  This is a collection of interchangeable art, a wall full of ideas, sounds, shapes and moods built up over the years that in some way also acts as a kind of diary.  (Audiophiles might be interested to know that they are filed in genre and/or label groupings).

Secondly, a photograph of all my notebooks and sketchbooks – I’ve taken to carrying one around with me at all times, because there is always so many exciting things to discover and research and my head can’t hold that many details.

Thirdly, a photograph of a homemade greenhouse that my brother and I built at the weekend, using lots of scrapwood and polythene that was lying about in my shed, we’ve created a place where I can grow lettuce and cucumber.  Roll on summer – when I can harvest the crop.

interchangeable art

all my notebooks

a home made greenhouse

One Response to “One cannot befriend a man without obsessions, for he lacks deep emotion. – Zhang Dai”
  1. Fox says:

    looks like a great day in store in iain..I hope the gallery music works well…and look at all them records…cool!! would like to see the index list if there is one 🙂

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