Twitter – some initial thoughts

Find Friends
Find Colleagues
Find Specialists
Find Celebrities

The challenge in using it is knowing how to find and how to filter.

After signing up I had an initial wander around the site, found a couple of people, tracked back through people’s conversations, and then started to look for famous people like Stephen Fry.   What impresses me most is the sheer vastness of it.  It’s an ambitious and simple website – you could in theory have a conversation with anyone in the world.  Where Facebook is a closed circuit, it’s purely about friends and family (more or less) this is an open notice board.  One of the criticisms that has been thrown at it, and it was certainly one of my reservations, is that it would just be full of inane chatter.  What’s the point?  Well, it probably is full of inane chatter, it’s also full of people exchanging ideas and information.  If someone’s boring or inane – you don’t have to listen to/follow them.

It’s almost like the world is trying to find out about itself.  Another system will take its place in time, Myspace is still going strong but looks like it was designed with a crayon and Facebook is an inelegant wall of whitenoise.  I’m sure that people are developing new networks that will encompass and surpass it right now.  The race is on to build a network that everyone can use.

3 Responses to “Twitter – some initial thoughts”
  1. Shane says:

    Hello dear.

    Your blogging and twittering forays are noble pursuits. Time and experience will determine their values and functions to and for you.
    My own blogging (some public, some private – started late 2005) has served many purposes over the past 4.5 years. Early on, I became concerned with writing for other people, and for pleasing those folk, whilst in recent years – certainly since 2007 – it’s been an entirely selfish matter. Throughout, the function of the blog – or rather, the act of choosing what to write (for me, that’s a big distinction) – has been that of ‘the reflective tool’, as you’ve referred to elsewhere. It’s also been the case that drawing blog-lines between purely workish interests, and purely personal/private matters is not always straight forward.

    I think part of my previous reluctances to get on board with Facebook and Twitter are echoed in some of your comments. When I do get on board – for I will – I shall have to determinedly make use of those media, in fashions that will suit me. The personal (reflective) blogging that doesn’t last is the blogging that sees individuals struggling to follow the formats and usage patterns that others have established as norms.

    My point: Be true unto thyself. Write when you want to.

    And all that jazz.

  2. SallyF says:

    Have you at all by any chance been watching the tv series Caprica? Which contains a virtual reality world where “it’s almost like trying to work out what the point of the game is *is* the point of the game” just struck accord with what you’re saying above.

    On a more practical note to twitter skeptics or cynics or just the confused here’s what I tell them:
    I have had 4, yes 4, paid contracts directly through twitter.
    I have also recommended 2 people I met on twitter to someone looking to employ someone, and they did indeed employ them (and it’s all working out well so far).
    And I have not once tweeted about what I ate.

    • iainperry says:

      No I haven’t seen Caprica – I should probably put it on my list of things to watch.

      Wow – four paid contracts – that’s amazing. I’m a complete convert to using twitter along side facebook etc – it seems like a really useful tool for passing information back and forth and finding out what other people are thinking. I’ve got twitterfall on in the background following the #leadersdebate. really cool. Twitterdeck is interesting to use as well. i admit after signing up to use it I found myself a bit “tongue tied” – getting past that now though.

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