The power and the pressure of the learning curve

Unit Twelve has gone live.

Unit Twelve is my wife’s new venture, workshop/gallery space based on a farm in Tixall, Stafford.  She has put together a year’s worth of exhibitions and workshops by various craft makers.  It opens on the 15th May and will be a really exciting experience.

She got me to design the website…
the logo
the letterhead
the signposts
the flyer
the invite
and the facebook page!

This has been a brilliant exercise in brand development – is it a new career path?

Sometime late last year I declared that I intended to work out how to use Flash, (for those who don’t know (if you don’t know, where have you been living?)- it’s a piece of animation software that a fair amount of websites are now developed in).  I’ve done some websites that are based in a html format using Dreamweaver, and boy do they look clunky.  I felt it was high time to join the 21st century so I had been dabbling with it and attempting to update my website when Jen asked me if I would her promote unit twelve.

“No problem,” I said, “I’ll do the website in Flash and make it all nice and slick”.
“Do you actually know what your doing?”  My wife asked.
“Yeah…pretty much…” I replied.  “I’ve just got to check one or two things out…”

Well, a fair few long late nights later and it’s all done and I think I know how to use Flash.
Pity it’s given me square eyes.


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