A list of things to watch:

James Burke: “Connections”
Carl Sagan: “The Cosmos”
Charles Leadbetter: “Proam Revolution” – this is via

other people I need to watch on TED – Temple Grandin, VS Ramachandran and Elizabeth Gilbert.  For starters.

Things to Read:
Creative School Change Review Project
Trickster Makes this World: How Disruptive Imagination Creates Culture by Lewis Hyde

I need to finish reading 42: Deep Thought on Life, the Universe and Everything by Mark Vernon

Things to plan:
Enquiry School Sharing day on the 23 April, it looks like I’m leading from the front on this one – can’t say what’s going to happen yet, but it may involve bits of string and glue.
Change School Reviews
Enquiry School Application Surgeries

Other random things to think about:
Using the word meme in everyday conversation
William of Occam
Using Twitter

Phrases to send to room 101:
“I can’t draw!” and “Thinking outside of the box”

2 Responses to “Lists”
  1. SallyF says:

    Damnit I have been pondering how to drop meme into a conversation too, have you mastered it yet?

  2. iainperry says:

    Not yet. I’ve only found out that it rhymes with cream. In my head I’ve been saying me me.

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