Letting Go

A conversation with one of our Creative Agents earlier this week chimed in with an experience of my own regarding “Experts”.  We were discussing a project at a  primary school where the experts, in this instance a film crew had relinquished control of the equipment and let the students explore and make their own film.  The results might be a little shaky and wobbly in places but far better expressed their creative ideas than if the camera crew had remained in charge.  It altered the children’s view of their own work and technology.  It opens up the possibilities for experimentation and asking questions.

I djed at a party on Saturday night and a couple of friends asked for ‘dj lessons’  – which I readily agreed to.  After playing a few records and showing them the basics of the crossfader and controls, left them to it.  They proceeded to have more fun with the decks in an hour than I’ve had in months – with little or no regard for conventions or rules they pressed buttons, scratched and fxed all wonky and off key and out of time but full of joy, surprise and excitement.  My approach to it has become so fixed on the “perfect mix” (and a bit conservative) that I’d forgotten why I love it in the first place – for the music and the chance to play join the dots.

Here’s to the amateurs – DJ Ket and DJ Tim!

One Response to “Letting Go”
  1. Shane says:

    Pithy. Very good.

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