Decisions and Parameters – 25 March 2010

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

I’m the Programme Coordinator at Partners in Creative Learning (PiCL) (Pickle to all our friends) and we currently run the Creative Partnerships Programme in Stoke and Staffordshire.
Codename: PiCLPezza.

The title of the blog comes from one of my colleagues – Eric(a) – two phrases that I’ve not heard put together before but sum up quite well the range of details that the role entails.  I was going to call it “Specialisation is for insects” after a quote by the sci-fi writer Robert A Heinlein, in “Time Enough for Love”.  For the full quote go to – following a series of discussions with a colleague about feeling like a jack of all trades and a master of none, I found this quote that really turned my thinking around.  However a quick check on google reveals that hundreds of other people have picked up on this quote, it’s old news, been there done that and yes you can get the t-shirt.

I’ve decided to create a blog for two reasons: firstly I’ve been pestering the Creative Agents and School Coordinators to ensure that they enable students and teachers to reflect on their learning and experiences through CP project work and I thought it only fair that I do something similar – walk the walk etc.  Secondly, I’ve been Programme Coordinator for a few months now and I feel like there is so much information in my head, if I don’t download it somewhere soon, my brain might pop!

The main parameter I have set myself is that this blog is to be used as a place to deposit thoughts and ideas – it’s not a moan zone, if I catch myself whinging or mooning or writing bad poetry I’ll shut it down, end of.

So if you’re still reading this and find any of my musings interesting please do comment and add thoughts, I’ve not produced anything like this before so please be gentle.


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